The following was written by Martha's grand daugher Dotie Robertshaw.  The original spelling and punctuation, including errors, is retained, with some editing for readability. Words in italics added for the reader’s understanding, not part of the original document.

You can see and read the original document script.

About Martha Robertshaw and Grandpa Charlie

Grandma (Martha) was native American, but never said much outside the home. She cooked, cleaned, baked & sowed & ironed for others to make ends meet.

Grandpa took bed sick in 1957 but before that Grandpa spent X (time) with us as much as he could. He did ride us around in a sleigh once when we were real little, just up the hill and around the yard then he got too sick to do much.

Grandma was painting them & Gramps couldn't be out so she painted each rm as she remembered it so Grandpa could see outside; inside; each place they went she painted on the walls from the Spring X thru the winter X.

She continued to have borders & cook & make quilts & draw & can & whatever else she could to survive. She taught us all, as much as she new, & told us about before (very quietly) because u didn't talk of it at all. She was born in BF (Big Flats), a hunting village of her people; & was sent out to the farms to cook, clean, or whatever else was needed of the neighbors to help earn a living. She learn different remedys of ointments & herbs by her Grandma that may help others heal.

She was very much in Love with Jesus & Grandpa. She sang "What a Friend we have in Jesus" & the Book of John Matthew when she read her Bible. She believed in Amazing Grace and the Bottom Place & prayer at meals prayed for all of us, taught us how to hoe & make a garden, fix a chicken, pick eggs & make a meal. She'd put 2 chairs together for a bed for us & showed us how to stuff feathers in a bag for a blanket too.

The painting she painted were from around the area
Saquamia River (Susquehanna)
Naples, NY
Buttermilk Falls
covered bridge near Ithaca
Chemung river
our house on the hill
farmland around Shinglehouse or here in Big Flats area (Rummavania)
at the Church (apt) on the front wall is the Jordan River as she seen it and Calvary

They at one time had a gas station & store across the street from where the house is now & own the land around it & sold pieces off to make a small town of Fisherville.

Othere here were Bennetts, Ithaca; Christains, Sue, Seymores Robbins & Robins (brother); Halls, Williams, Cardwells

Grandma helped a lot of people. Her farm was from the Shinglehouse area & Secena (Seneca) Reservation area (we R still finding them). She had 3+? maybe more siblings. Great Grandpa Norman is buryed on the Secena Reservation (we'd like to be able to pay tribute to him)

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